01 Feb 2010


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* A Fed official tells us (price) deflation is no longer a worry. Phew!

* Viresh Amin sends this video of three young guys harassing Bernanke as he checks into a hotel. The video reminded me of those 1960s alien invasion movies. I always thought it was funny watching them, because you understood why the people who had seen the aliens take over their neighbors etc. were going nuts, and running around warning others, but you also understood why–given their presentation style–they sounded crazy and nobody listened to their completely accurate warnings.

* Jeff Tucker damns my high school curriculum with faint praise (just kidding).

* At Mises.org today I have an article on “The Fed as Giant Counterfeiter.” I think many of you, like me, have known for years that the Fed was “like” a guy running the printing press to pay his bills, but until about a month ago it never really clicked with me just how close the analogy was. Even old pros may want to skim this article to make sure you already had considered the similarities.

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