15 Feb 2010

Jon Stewart Makes Republicans Look Ridiculous

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I don’t see how anybody can vote for Republicans if they watch Jon Stewart. (And I don’t see how anybody can vote for Democrats if they read this blog.) The 2nd half of this clip is so-so (the Hawaii special report), but the first half made me laugh out loud. Star Wars fans get a special treat in the beginning.

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8 Responses to “Jon Stewart Makes Republicans Look Ridiculous”

  1. Anonymous says:

    it's because of this michael-moorish, demagogue attitude the daily show sometimes has why i stopped watching it.but it is funny at times:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    It's interesting that they never show the health care expenses in Hawaii. If Hawaiians pay more for health care then the rest of America it substantially helps the free market case.

  3. Cool says:

    This is what it would be like, if the majority of people were libertarians.
    LIBERTARIAN KID: Mom, I'm going to go fuck a hooker.
    LIBERTARIAN MOM: Okay, son.
    LIBERTARIAN KID: Afterwards, I'm going to go smoke pot with my friends, since it's "not addictive."
    LIBERTARIAN MOM: Okay, come home soon!

    The libertarian kid leaves the room. The father comes home from work several minutes later.

    LIBERTARIAN MOM: Hi, honey! I'm pregnant again. I guess I'll just get another abortion, since "fetuses don't count as human life."
    LIBERTARIAN DAD: Okay, get as many abortions as you want!
    LIBERTARIAN MOM: Oh, and don't go in the bedroom.
    LIBERTARIAN MOM: There are two gay men fucking eachother in there.
    LIBERTARIAN DAD: Why are they here?
    LIBERTARIAN MOM: I wanted to watch them do it for awhile. They just aren't finished yet.
    LIBERTARIAN DAD: Okay, that's fine with me!

    Suddenly, their neighbor runs into the house.

    LIBERTARIAN NEIGHBOR: Come quick, there's a labour organizer outside!
    LIBERTARIAN MOM: We'll be right there!

    The libertarian couple quickly put on a pair of black robes and hoods. They then exit the house, and run into the street, where a labour organizer is nailed to a large, wooden X. He is being burned alive. A crowd of libertarians stand around him, all wearing black robes and hoods.

    RANDOM LIBERTARIAN: Damn you, labour organizer! We hate you! We claim to be tolerant of all free associations. But we really hate your's! That's because we libertarians are hypocritical like that! Die, union scum!


    Feel free to substitute "labour organizer" for "public servant", "homeless person", "copyrighted author", "black man", or any group libertarians advocate the screwing over of. Scary, isn't it?

  4. Libertarian says:


    it would be scary only if it was true. You did a wonderful job of destroying a strawman. What a waste – the strawman was a work of art.

  5. english bob says:

    But we really hate your's!

    Is it bad to feels smug when our ideological enemies show themselves to be illiterate cretins?

  6. english bob says:

    feels smug


  7. Anonymous says:

    …high malpractice premiums and living costs, coupled with low reimbursements, are driving doctors out of Hawaii.

    The Big Island has no neurosurgeon and its only neurologist is leaving this month because "he cannot afford to practice and live in Hawaii," she said.

    The Hilo community hasn't had a new primary care physician for almost three years,


  8. Anonymous says:

    And there you go.