03 Feb 2010

I Want to Quit, But I Need a Support Group

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OK so after ordering a new battery for my Toshiba laptop (which has never really worked properly), I’m sitting on my couch with the indicator saying I’ve got about 65% or so left, when BAM the whole computer shuts down. No warning about low battery or anything.

I’m tempted to be mad at the battery, but it might not be the manufacturer’s fault. Even when this thing was about two weeks old, the computer would just randomly shut off for no reason. Good thing I don’t run traffic light control programs from it.

Oh since I’m complaining, the power cord is new too because the original one literally started shooting out sparks one time.

Anyway, my wife switched to Mac a few years ago and has no regrets. The one thing holding me back is that I actually know my way around Microsoft Office fairly well, at least Word and Excel. When I’ve tried to use the Mac versions, they make me go cross-eyed.

Do I just need to adjust, or are Word and Excel really inferior on Macs? If it matters, I’m just getting a laptop.

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