06 Feb 2010

Free Advice on Underarm Perspiration

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So I ran to Subway to get lunch. (If you stick to a 6-inch sub and just drink water, you can have plenty of food without spending $4, at least in Nashville.) The girl behind the counter started the sandwich, and then the guy came over to finish it. Then it hit me. Whoa.

You’ve perhaps heard of the Spector Wall of Sound? Well this was the Subway Wall of Stink. This wasn’t a guy who missed his shower that morning. This was someone who was well-practiced in underarm odor.

I relay this just because there actually was a guy in college who didn’t realize there was a distinction between mere deodorant and anti-perspirant. If someone forwards you this blog post–even if “just because it’s funny, take a look”–then you know what you must do.

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