19 Feb 2010

Angus, Thorn in Glenn Beck’s Side, Gives Us the Rest of the Story

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I believe this guy is the real deal; the two phones calls sound like the same guy, and everything he says is consistent as far as I can tell. So let’s assume this is legit.

Remember “Angus” who called in to Glenn Beck and asked him why he had supported the bailout? If you didn’t see my original post, please go skim that and come back…

OK now that we’re all up to speed, Angus just emailed me the other day and said this (reproduced with permission):

Dr. Murphy,

This is [omitted] AKA Angus McClure. I was the Angus caller who called into the Glenn Beck show…

I wanted to give you a “bigger picture” of that call. The day before I called in to the Glenn Beck show…& tried to have a civil discussion with him right after he slandered MY choice and candidate for Governor Debra Medina (by the way she has the endorsement of Ron Paul) THAT call is here, I am the 2nd caller…

[I suggest starting it around 2:00 to hear Glenn yell at the previous Medina supporter and hang up on her, and then take Angus’ call.–RPM]

I called in as Angus (I couldn’t call in as Phil, I would have never gotten past the call screener) to treat him exactly the way he treats his callers with rival opinions. I am not a “truther.” I am just as irritated with truthers obsession with 911 as I am with Glenn Beck’s witch hunt to “expose” 911 truthers. I wanted to expose Beck for the fake that he is. He is a Neo Con, but sells himself as a Quasi-Libertarian.

** YES, I did attend the Patriotic event where you spoke. I was the guy who asked you your opinion about Reverse Mortgages. Remember? [Yes I do remember. How could I forget a real estate broker wearing a tin foil hat?–RPM]

…Yes, I am a Saved Christian and a member of Christ Presbyterian Church, the Church you referred to as the hotbed of libertarian subversion : )

I answered Angus and asked him whether my hunch was right, when Beck hung up on him and then cited Angus’ silence as proof of his idiocy. Here’s the answer:

HE hung up on me. I had a business associate in my office when I was on the call. She was listening on her iphone to the call real time with the delay, so she could hear both conversations (the time delay & the actual “real time” conversation) at the same time. She was shocked that they tried to make it sound like I hung up. I was very fired up! I wish I could have responded. “Why did you support the bailout Glenn? The reason is because you are a Fake Neo Con masquerading as a Quasi Libertarian.[“] Any conservative or libertarian would never give a proper excuse for being FOR ANY bailout…..but I did not get that opportunity. My business associate was actually more offended by something else Beck said. After gathering his thoughts after the call, Beck took a jab at the name “Angus.” He said something to the effect of “…you would think that someone named after a hamburger would be smarter than that.” Angus is a hamburger? NO! It is a type of cattle. My associate’s family does Cattle Ranching & has in Texas for several decades. She was appalled…..

So there you have it, kids, straight from Angus’ keyboard. I think we all must agree that this guy is from Texas, as no one else would have focused on the cattle stuff.

(BTW of course I am kidding about the tin foil hat. I forget that some readers are missing the irony gene so I have to always clarify.)

6 Responses to “Angus, Thorn in Glenn Beck’s Side, Gives Us the Rest of the Story”

  1. Cody says:

    Has anyone here heard of ad hominem argument?

    Glenn asked simply whether she was a truther; it was a throw-away question, and he clearly expected a "no, that's ridiculous" type answer.

    When instead she rambled for a half minute or so without really answering, he clarified the question by asking if she thought the government brought down the WTC.

    Again, she rambled for fifteen or twenty seconds without saying anything as easy as "No, I don't think that."

    So, Beck gave her a last chance to make good by asking if she found she had advisors that were truthers, would she get rid of them?

    Her answer involved not believing in mind control or the thought police… Beck probably doubted he was going to get a clear answer on anything else, so he gave up.

    Then, Angus called up, made weird noises over the phone, and wanted to know why Beck supported the bailouts.


    Beck is overweight and mispronounces a lot of his words, too, but I don't know if that bears on whether Debra Medina is a fool who can't give straight answers on simple questions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why did beck ask her about 911?…becuase "someone" emailed him that she is a 911 truther? Why is he so obsessed with this little o'l "no name" from Texas? He still puts her up on the charts next to Liberal Socialist?!? WHY? Why didn't his dream girl Palin about 911? She had questions & has 911 ties? This vid is from 2008:

  3. justino says:

    Ron Paul wrote a letter to his supporters for Medina, but it was not an endorsement. Paul has stated he made a deal in Texas to only endorse incumbent Republicans.

  4. Daniel Hewitt says:

    Ha ha. This is great.
    I saw that clip on Youtube and it was fantastic.

  5. Bill says:

    I agree with Cody. I don't know what her problem was, but she certainly seemed evasive.

    As to you 911ers, the medical term for you is dysfunctional idiot. You're simply unable to separate the essentials from inessentials. Pity.

    I bid this site adieu. The ratio of sense to nonsense hovers very close to absolute 0.