13 Jan 2010


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* Steve Landsburg blows up Robert Gibbs on wind power. Now Landsburg accuses Krugman of being asleep at the wheel, but I hadn’t heard Gibbs’ comment, and I work for an energy think tank. So let’s give Krugman a pass; he was too busy not apologizing to Jim Manzi.

* A nice compilation of Roderick Long’s blog posts, filtered by theme.

* My former student Gennady has written up a bunch of study guides for actuarial exams. And you thought Bohm-Bawerk was dense material!

* GOP congressman wants to deport Iranians. If this administration weren’t so politically correct, it would stop letting men into this country. I mean seriously, haven’t the vast, overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks been committed by men? Let’s profile I say!

* Jeff Hummel passes along the “definitive” history [.pdf] of the crisis in money market funds.

* David Friedman is either talking about private legal systems or starting an ethnic joke.

* This story (HT2LRC) defies commentary, though you can try in the comments. Bonus points if you can do it without vulgarity.

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