06 Jan 2010


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OK my Potpourri-links holder was starting to resemble the Fed’s balance sheet, so time to dump:

* Bryan Caplan shows you how to get on TV [.pdf] without even shaving.

* Robert Wenzel explains how the government will crash the housing market–again.

* Apparently Iran’s nuclear development is similar to the planet’s “running out of oil.” (HT2 Matt Yglesias)

* Jeff Tucker combines two of my passions–anti-statism and toilets.

* A CFA blows up (I think) Shiller’s “trills” proposal.

* Human Action comics.

* Some of the global warming skeptics have been excited by a recent finding that (in their words) “proves that the fraction of CO2 in the atmosphere hasn’t increased during the 20th century.” Well that’s not really it. Chip Knappenberger explains–and to paraphrase Paul Krugman, “I trust Chip Knappenberger on climate.” Like the infamous “hide the decline” comment in the CRU emails, there is something here to warm skeptics’ hearts–and it should warm everyone’s hearts to learn that maybe we’re not all going to drown, right?–but the people blogging about the actual findings have often misstated the result.

* Casey Mulligan throws down with Paul Krugman here and here.

* Alex Risman emails to say he has discovered that Ben Bernanke is a Nazi agent, codename “Helicopter.” Details here.

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