14 Jan 2010

Obama Bask, Brought to You by the Letter K

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OK kids two basks (blog asks):

(1) I am working on an op ed dealing with this “bank fee” nonsense. (Can you guess my take on the issue?) I want to make the point that if even the non-TARP-recipient banks have to chip in because they benefited, then so does the whole country. After all, the ostensible purpose of TARP all along had nothing to do with the banks per se–everyone from Paulson to Geithner wanted those rich fat cats to work at Wendy’s–but gosh we just can’t sit idly by and let Main St. get pulled down with the banking system.

I also know that at some point within the last 6 months or so, Obama and Geithner were raving about how successful TARP had been in rescuing the country. Can anyone dig up actual quotes with links? Note that this is for an op ed, so I can’t credit you. Your contribution will be done out of sheer duty to truth, justice, and my career.

(2) Tomorrow is “K” for my son’s show & tell class. For the life of me I can’t think of anything in the house that starts with a “K.” I’m not sending him in with Marx’s (Das) Kapital, nor with a Lenny Kravitz CD.* Any ideas?

* Just bluffing, I actually don’t own either of those.

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