12 Jan 2010

Never Forget?

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So for my junior high project I’m explaining how fascism and communism were actually both forms of socialism, in the sense that both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia subordinated individual property rights to the demands of the supreme leader.

I just wanted to double check that people referred to Hitler as a fascist (as opposed to a Nazi), and so I went to google “Adolf Hitler fascist.”

But I noticed something interesting. As I typed in A-d-o-l… Google started bringing up suggestions. By the time I typed in just “adolf,” the first ten suggestions popped up, with the #1 being “adolf eichmann.” Then when I pressed the spacebar and typed in “h” all the suggestions disappeared.

So apparently Google has no idea what I might be looking for when I type in “adolf hitle”…

Does anyone know what the deal is? Does he get so many google hits that he would be at the top of the list anytime somebody started by typing in “ad…” to look up “address for the elie wiesel fund” and Google doesn’t want people getting mad?

I’m not kidding, I’m being serious. Google obviously disabled Hitler’s name from popping up as a suggestion, and I’m just wondering if they explain these things somewhere officially.

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