06 Jan 2010

Free Advice for My Fellow Bloggers

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Bryan Caplan is getting a lot of links and commentary for his suggestions of books his colleagues should write. After the burning jealousy of all this attention subsided, I realized that I too should offer such a list. So here are books or long essays that I think various people should write in the new year:

* Stephan Kinsella: Name-Calling Never Works: Tales From the Courtroom and the Blogosphere.

* Steve Landsburg: “More War Is Safer War: An Optimal Pigovian Tax on Diplomacy.”

* Robert Wenzel: To All the Financial Analysts I’ve Loved Before. (We also would have accepted Living With Paranoid Schizophrenia.)

* Gene Callahan: “In Defense of Benedict Arnold.”

* Jeff Tucker: “How I Started With Nothing But Racists and Cranks and Managed to Create the Best-Read Economics Blog in the World.”

* Silas Barta: How to Make Friends and Influence Bloggers.

* Tyler Cowen: “Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Me to Revise My Prior Probability of Central Bankers Being Evil.”

* Arnold Kling: “Why Obama’s Economic Team Should Stop Being So Niggardly With Tax Cuts.” (Yikes! Calm down people, does this make it okay?)

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