31 Dec 2009

Two Funnies From the 5-Year-Old

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I was reading my son his bedtime story and he had a long hair in his mouth. So we commented on its yuckiness and so forth, and then he started rubbing his head. He said, “I have lots of hairs.” Then he rubbed my head and said, “You have 2 hairs.”

Later on I was getting ready to leave the room and he said he needed his lamb (i.e. a stuffed animal). I asked where it was. He pointed and said, “Right there.” So I’m looking all over the place and don’t see it. “It’s right there?” I demand, gesturing at the wall. He says yes.

After some exasperation, he finally gets up to get it himself. He walks out of the bedroom and into his play room. I start cracking up and say, “So you were pointing through the wall?!” and he answers “yes” as if that’s totally normal.

In retrospect, who ever said you can’t point through a wall? We adults impose all sorts of constraints on our minds.

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