10 Dec 2009

The Most Moderate Murphy Mumbling in Memory

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Wow I am not kidding, when I delivered my opening remarks on a recent Hill panel,* I thought I was incredibly animated and a fire-breathing laissez-faire radical. But as the video below shows…sorry, try again.

Really what happened is that:

(a) You are not seeing my two opening jokes that cracked the room up, and

(b) You are not seeing the literal hour of preceding remarks–some of which were incredibly monotone–from the first five speakers, who were all gung-ho about government investments in renewables and the wonderful Spanish experience. The room was packed with people who were speaking Spanish on their cell phones, kissing each other on the cheeks, etc. And here I can’t count to 10 in Spanish, and plus I like capitalism. Oh man what a party pooper. If you make it to the end of the second video, you’ll see I came just shy of advocating a carbon tax! (I actually don’t, but one could be forgiven for thinking I did.)

This is why I told my wife a few years ago: “Don’t ever let me tell you we should move to DC.”

* Yeah we refer to it as “the Hill.” If you don’t know what hill we’re talking about, you must not be a policy wonk who has a seat at the table. (Although I’m pretty sure they put me at the kids’ table with the other crazy relatives.)

BTW if you don’t mind, at least start playing the two videos so I can get more views than my boss for his video on Copenhagen. It’s all about job security. Thanks.

Oops I guess I shouldn’t have linked to his video… Doh!

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