30 Dec 2009


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* I know we rarely say nice things about Matt Yglesias around here, so I should point out this really good post arguing that the comparison of legislation to sausage making is unfair to the sausage makers.

* EPJ links to a very interesting story about how Business Insider got hacked. Really, you should check out what the Nigerian email scammers did once they gained control of the email account; they were fast and clever.

* One of the justifications for formalism is that it allows arguments to be settled quickly. Rather than people going ’round and ’round, equivocating and playing word games in their arguments, you just make your claims in formal language and BAM everybody can quickly determine who’s right. Or not (see comments).

* This is a short video [.wmv] showing the end of Kodak Park. (If I didn’t know better, I’d swear the Kodak buildings were taken down by passenger jets flown by radical Muslims.) I grew up literally down the street from a Kodak plant; in fact I suspect its smokestack is the source of my super powers. (Either that or the red Krypton sun.) Unfortunately that building is still standing, according to my dad, so I can’t give this blog post too much personal flavor. I am pretty sure though that my dad spent much of his career in some of the buildings that are now demolished. Outsourcing takes no prisoners.

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