25 Dec 2009


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* It’s the clash of the titans over at Crash Landing, concerning a popular and allegedly circular argument against the State.

* TokyoTom takes a break from discussing my income stream to pointing out the ominous WSJ series on financial “reform.” (I think it’s like health care “reform.”)

* A naive economist allows his anti-Fed arguments to be used by above-mentioned WSJ.

* M4liberty passes along this interesting board game trivia. I’m glad to see I’m doing my share to save the planet.

* Mankiw sees the wisdom in economists adopting the medical analogy for the failures of Keynesianism.

* Gary North writes favorably of Oral Roberts (no surprise) and Frank Zappa (huge surprise). (HT2 Lew Rockwell)

* Tyler Cowen linked (with bemusement I think) to this Italian song about what Americans sound like to foreigners, but I thought the song was awesome. USA! USA! In any event, I’m not sure when this was released, but if it came after Austin Powers, then this guy’s got nothing on Mike Meyers. Seriously, isn’t this video just the opening of Austin Powers II?

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