04 Nov 2009


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* Scott Sumner writes a profound post in which he gives the illusion of blowing up macro and then promises to rebuild it from scratch. I will write a lengthy critique of this post in the coming days, but this is some of the best stuff the geeconosphere has to offer.

* The intrepid von Pepe sends this WSJ story detailing how $890 in stimulus money saved or created 9 jobs. And remember, even with bogus reports like this one in the mix, the total figures show that some states received more than $500k in awards per job “saved or created.”

* Jerry O’Discroll takes a shot at He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-But-Works-for-Cato. I loved this part:

A common barb to launch against an opponent is that he espouses religion, not science. By what criteria? Is it his subject matter or method? As Machlup reminds us, neither is a legitimate criterion for separating science from non-science. The charge is an exercise in confusion. There certainly can be a science of religion, i.e., a systematic study of religion….Moreover, the barb assumes religion itself cannot be reason based.

As one who was recently christened a “priest-inquisitor”–where that term was used as the antithesis of a “scholar”–I really liked O’Driscoll’s points here.

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