19 Nov 2009

Murphy Twin Spin

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You’ve been working hard all year, you’ve been a good boy, and you just need something to kick back and relax. Today makes it all worthwhile, my friend.

* At Mises.org I show that economists are actually quite hilarious. No, they don’t tell rabbi jokes or ask you to pull their supply curve. Instead, they use their clever minds to come up with all sorts of defenses for the “efficient markets hypothesis” even after what just happened.

* After you wipe the tears of laughter away, you can begin shedding tears of sadness when you read about California’s plans to ban (most) TVs wider than 40 inches, and to require California cars to get special tinting to fight global warming. After I explicitly criticized Schwarzenegger, he sent me the following odd note:

Dear Mr. Murphy,
Regarding your op ed in the
Orange Count Register, I think
perhaps you should
determine just how much the
environment would suffer
after we followed your
dreary market “solutions.”

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