09 Nov 2009

Market Timin’ Murphy

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I finally am practicing what I preach: I just got off the phone with Vanguard and told them to sell all my shares of my IRA “Global Equity Fund.” I had been planning on doing this for a few weeks, when I realized I was being an idiot for having money sit in stocks when I have a few credit cards rolling over at Biblically illegitimate APRs.

So I’m drinking my tea this morning–if I drank coffee you can’t imagine how much more critical I would be on these pages–and saw that the markets were way up because of a G20 stimulus announcement. I decided MarginalRevolution could wait and I did my best impression of Christopher Lloyd in Star Trek III.

So anyway, if any of you hedge fund moguls who read Free Advice daily were planning on shorting Asia, please wait till Tuesday morning. Thanks.

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