04 Nov 2009

I’m Ready to Give Pelosi a Shot

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Oh…my…gosh. I like to consider myself above average intelligence, and I even fancy that I know a bit about dollars and cents. I just spent a good fifteen minutes on the phone with a representative from my health insurance company, trying to reconcile the EOBs they had sent with the bills I was getting from the doctor.

At least three separate times during the call, I said, “Look I’m sorry, but are you looking at the same piece of paper I am? Does your screen show the EOB you mailed out on June 17? Do you see what I’m talking about, with that second line?”

The lady had gone into defensive mode, chanting the mantra that they don’t pay duplicate claims. I explained that yes I KNOW they don’t pay duplicate claims, but it looked like–from their own EOB–that they never paid the first claim either, which is what the doctor was saying!!

Anyway I now understand what happened. I had made a wrong inference in what their EOB statements meant from the first and second examples I had. In retrospect I understand why she thought I was an idiot. But, she made no attempt to solve the logjam. She was content to sit there until quitting time, constantly repeating to me that they do not pay duplicate claims.

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