04 Nov 2009

I’m Ready to Give Karl Marx a Shot

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OK, so all of a sudden the ink cartridge on my new HP 640 Fax machine died. What the heck?! I had used it for like 5 faxes?!

So I pulled out the cartridge and it is called “Introductory HP Black Printer Cartridge.” On the side it says, “Intended for single use only.”

So do you mean to tell me that they intentionally have you buy a brand new fax machine, get into your office and set it all up, and then you run out of ink after you send 5 faxes?

Does anyone know if there is some reason that it’s bad to package these things with a big cartridge?

Finally, why doesn’t the box make clear–“Hey if you actually want to use this thing, you might need to buy some ink while you’re here at the store!”?


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