12 Nov 2009

Fort Hood Aftermath

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At first I thought they were overreacting (as is their wont), but I “get” why the AM right-wingers are going nuts over the media coverage. There was a long story on NPR this morning interviewing Muslims in the military and how they’re dealing with the stereotypes etc.

Note that I am all for that, but I can’t help think that NPR is playing favorites. After the Oklahoma City bombing, did NPR rush to interview militia members and ask if they felt uncomfortable at work, or if they felt the need to stop wearing camo for fear that prejudiced people would jump to the wrong conclusions?

Last point: The interviewed an enlisted guy (Muslim) who said, “I’m an American first, we have a job to do, I don’t view us as attacking Islam, this isn’t a religious war.”

The other statements are fine, but that first one struck me as odd: If he considers himself an American first and a Muslim second, I assume he’s not very devout, right? If a Protestant said, “I’m an American first, and a Christian second,” I would think he needs to re-read his Bible.

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