23 Nov 2009

CNBC Brushes Off One World Government

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I heard about this on Glenn Beck. Check out the bombshell hedge fund manager Damon Vickers drops, and how the CNBC guy brushes it off.

A few possibilities occur to me:

(1) The guy just didn’t even process what Vickers was saying; he was so tuned into financial analysis that the “crazy talk” went right by him.

(2) He couldn’t believe what a nutjob they had booked, and when it was his turn to talk he decided to pretend nothing important had just happened so that most viewers wouldn’t notice.

(3) CNBC is a fully briefed partner in the conspiracy to usher in the New World Order, and the anchorman forgot to feign surprise. The alien lizards ate him after the interview as a warning to the other quislings not to slip up again.

I’m leaning towards explanation (2).

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