22 Oct 2009

States Already Taxing Marijuana

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During my research for a PRI paper on state tax policies, I came across this interesting nugget (see page 13 of this pdf):

A tax is levied on marijuana and controlled substances which creates an economic burden on drug dealers. Payment of the tax is indicated by the affixing of stamps to the marijuana or controlled substance. The tax is due and payable immediately upon acquisition or possession of the drug in Connecticut by a dealer.

FY 2005-06 $90,329
2006-07 40,851
2007-08 61,262

Basis and Rate
$3.50 per gram of marijuana;
$200 per gram of controlled substance; and
$2,000 per 50-dosage unit of controlled substance not sold by weight.

The part I put in bold just cracks me up. Note that for the other sections, they don’t say things like, “The Business Entity Tax places a burden on those selling goods in Connecticut.”

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