03 Oct 2009

Rachel Maddow Opposes "Treason" Against US Government

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What a tool. Although Glenn Greenwald and a few other progressives are willing to admit that the US government didn’t become cleansed of its sins with the inauguration of Barack Obama, Rachel Maddow certainly doesn’t qualify. Watch her discussing Jim DeMint and Honduras. I only watched about the first three minutes of the clip, but note (1) very early on, Maddow uses the terms “us,” “our government,” and “our country” interchangeably, and (2) crystallizes DeMint’s sin as “telling them to resist what our government wants” (not an exact quote but close). Oh the horrors! Telling someone to resist the wishes of the US government!

It should go without saying that I am not supporting military coups, and I’m not saying Jim DeMint is a crusader against US imperialism. I am simply agreeing with Lew Rockwell who commented on this, “Here is demonstrated the deal [Maddow] made, and all the TV media have made, in return for money and glory: state worship and thought control.”

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