20 Oct 2009


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* A blog touting capitalism that was (according to an email I got from the author) inspired by my book.

* David Frum is astounded: “People think of gold not as a metal, but as an alternative form of money.” (HT2 Bob Roddis)

* As if in response, EPJ reports with delight: “I never thought I would see the day this happened. A major exchange is for all practical purposes accepting gold as a currency.”

* Mort Zuckerman says, “The free market is not up to the job of creating work.” That’s right, Morty. The free market creates goods and services. What kind of numbskull wants to create work? (Sorry I don’t remember who emailed me this one.)

* Mesa wins the thread: “Re: the recent climate geo-engineering debates, it’s kind of amusing to see so many instant experts on these subjects in the blogosphere (Matt Yglesias!, Ryan Avent!). There’s no subject that can’t be analyzed and put to bed in a 3 paragraph blog posting! It’s kind of the modern day analog of the all night dorm room bull session, without the pizza but with about the same level of expertise.”

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