15 Oct 2009


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* My critique [.pdf] of William Nordhaus’ “DICE” model (arguing for a carbon tax) in The Independent Review is now online. Also of interest is Dan Shahar’s article (summary here) in the same issue on “Climate Change and Justice.”

* Speaking of climate change, here’s an odd post where Joe Romm excoriates the Saudis for charging too high oil prices over the years, and thereby hurting consumers. I skimmed the article, but not one word that I saw about, “Oh by the way, in my view this charging of monopoly prices probably spared millions of deaths worldwide, but their motives were wrong so that’s why I’m mad.”

* Von Pepe sends this post where Casey Mulligan explains that TARP should have been expected to lead to less lending, a conclusion that an official study has recently confirmed. I guess the guys who challenged me on Kudlow weren’t aware of these things. I should have countered their “factual” a little more strongly.

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