13 Oct 2009


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I’m still way behind on my “real work” so blogging will be sparse this week… But here are some links:

* Gold keeps chugging.

* Speaking of gold prices, Robert Wenzel reproduces a great speech by GATA’s Chris Powell. Powell’s tone is great; he acknowledges that people think GATA is a bunch of black-helicopter kooks, and documents the government sources for all of their breaking stories. Basically, if you are willing to read what is (now) publicly available, the US government frankly admits that it has arrangements with other central banks to suppress gold prices.

* Ralph Raico passes along this story about a daughter rescuing her mother from a death panel in the UK. This isn’t taken from Glenn Beck’s nightmare; this is real news.

* David R. Henderson talks about Williamson’s Nobel in the WSJ. OK, why the heck do all of my colleagues get op eds in the WSJ but not me? Does it have to do with expertise and credibility–two things that are highly overrated in our culture? If someone wins a Nobel for sarcastic Irish blog posts, I had darn well better get my digs in.

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