01 Oct 2009

How Can Any of You Take Voting Seriously At This Point?

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Jon Stewart nails it: The Democrats not only control the White House and both houses of Congress, they have a supermajority and they still aren’t doing anything that American voters thought they were signing up for in 2006 and 2008.

(And don’t gloat, Republicans: Remember when you blamed the Reagan deficits on those dastardly Democrats in Congress who “left him no choice”? Well, what happened during the George W. Bush years?)

Here’s my theory, folks: SUCCESSFUL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS. The parties have rigged the system so that no decent candidates will ever win powerful positions. Rather than focusing your efforts on getting Awesome Candidate X on the ballot in 2010, I suggest that you promote liberty through more satisfying–and more potent–methods. Example: Work overtime at your job instead of gathering signatures, and use the extra money to send copies of my books to every school in your city. Now that’s a promising idea!

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