29 Oct 2009

Holy Melodrama Batman!

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Author Michael Chabon has apparently written a horrifying work of nonfiction. Here’s Tyler Cowen’s blurb about the book: “I ended up enjoying this more than I do his trendy fiction. This supposed paean to family life collapses quickly into narcissism, but that’s in fact what makes it work. I was surprised but not shocked by the part where he deliberately tortures his infant son.”

Hmm that’s a rather surprising statement, don’t you think? Maybe Chabon had to do it to avoid even more torture by the FDIC?

Anyway Bryan Caplan is even more appalled: “It was only when I was reading Michael Chabon’s latest, Manhood for Amateurs, that I saw the face of evil…”

You know what they’re talking about, right? Chabon had his kid circumcised. And rather than doing it without a moment’s thought, he reflected upon it a lot, and then did it anyway.

Full disclosure: My wife and I decided not to get our son circumcised, for the obvious reasons that any decent GMU professor could give.

Another disclosure: As all who saw that B-movie from 2001 know, I am circumcised. I don’t consider my Catholic parents sadistic religious torturers.

Final disclosure: The above statement is obviously a joke. That movie was an artistic masterpiece.

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