18 Sep 2009

"What Should I Read to Learn Austro-libertarianism?" bask

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(This is not a “bleg,” since I am not begging, I am asking.)

I get emails all the time from people saying they have just stumbled onto Austrian economics and/or libertarianism (in the Rothbardian tradition), and they want to know where to begin. They adore my writings, of course, but what’s the next level of fanaticism?

So in the comments let me know what you think the best gateway drugs are in this arena. E.g. I know some people say, “It all started with Ayn Rand,” whereas for me that wouldn’t have worked at all. (I’m not ripping Rand, I’m just saying there’s no way I would have agreed to read a humongous novel that someone handed to me if I weren’t already a fan of the worldview.)

One Response to “"What Should I Read to Learn Austro-libertarianism?" bask”

  1. Evan says:

    Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson” worked for me. I thought it was a great stepping stone for a lay person before actuallly tackling Mises and Rothbard.