14 Sep 2009

Say What You Will, Charlie Sheen Isn’t Giving Obama a Pass

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I know, I know, Charlie Sheen is probably not an expert on structural engineering. I offer the video below (HT2LRC) for two reasons: (1) I think we should acknowledge that Charlie Sheen is at least holding Obama’s feet to the fire as well; let’s hope he ups the ante when Obama continues to ignore him. And (2) listen carefully to the news anchors, cops, and firefighters in the clips. The “truthers”* aren’t inventing their theories out of nothing; people on the scene thought there were charges and that it was a controlled demolition. (And for those who are new to this, the significance of the clips where the news correspondents are discussing the collapse of the Salomon Bros. Building / aka WTC 7 is that it hadn’t collapsed yet. That’s what the superimposed arrows are showing, which are admittedly hard to see in this particular video.)

Note that I am not saying “9/11 was an inside job.” I have looked into this stuff, and I get two apparently qualified experts (airline pilots, engineers, etc.) saying diametrically opposed things, so I can’t really judge.

* Remember, if you can classify your opponents with a two-syllable word (see also: “birther,” “Bircher,” and “Paultard”) then they must be nutjobs. Hence, Austrians should reclassify their opponents as Maynards. “Keyne-si-an” is too respectable.

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