25 Sep 2009

Ron Paul Shock Troops Storm Congress

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But we’re intellectual geeks so no tear gas was involved. I’m in a hotel right now in Mackinac Island, so I haven’t had time to watch this stuff. But here’s Tom Woods wielding a fiery sword of truth, and below is the only video I’ve found so far. When I get back to the room tonight I’ll post some better stuff.

P.S. As I said, I haven’t had time to watch the above. But I’m pretty sure I recognize the bald spot of the guy on the left of the witness table.

P.P.S. Off topic, but the TVs are blaring this stuff about a guy buying supplies in a beauty shop in order to make a “weapon of mass destruction.” So, if you can build a WMD using Obsession, shouldn’t we admit the War on Terror has as much chance of success as the War on Drugs?

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