14 Sep 2009


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* I explain that civil libertarians should be as skeptical of the War on Carbon as they (correctly) are about the War on Terror.

* I don’t know if they officially announced it yet, but I am an adviser to the Steve Poizner campaign. He’s running for governor of California. For those who care about such things: (a) I am not getting paid. (b) I am not telling them what they ought to do, just answering their questions about the likely effects of different kinds of tax reform. (c) I would gladly be an adviser to President Obama if his team asked me. Anyway, here is George Will endorsing Poizner.

* Art Carden and Steve Horwitz have a Forbes article where they take on a shockingly ignorant critique of economics by an Pulitzer Prize winner.

* Taylor Conant has one simple question for Scott Sumner (besides “Why are you so evil and dumb?”).

* On this Sunday’s blog post about King David, I made reference to the fact that he was the great-great…grandfather of Jesus Christ. This reminded me that I had always had a question about this aspect of Christian lore: If Jesus is of the “house of David” because He’s the son of Joseph, then isn’t it a problem that Jesus was supposedly born of a virgin? I.e. if the gospel accounts are true, then Jesus wasn’t really descended from Joseph (and hence King David) at all! I googled it and the third answer here sounds pretty sweet. Do any actual Bible scholars know if this is the true response from a learned Christian theologian?

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