07 Sep 2009


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* My interviews (part I and part II) on Freedom & Prosperity Radio, where we talk about cap and trade etc. These are actually fairly in-depth interviews; we get into a lot of issues that a standard interview doesn’t allow for.

* Bob Higgs reports that real wages are rising during the recession, which helps explain the unemployment rate. (Note that Jeff Hummel and I are arguing over email about the 1921 depression. We agree that money wages fell sharply, but I had thought they fell more quickly than prices in general, while Jeff provided a quotation from Vedder and Galloway suggesting otherwise. So anyway, I’m not sure Higgs is correct at the end of his article when he says real wages fell during the 1920-1921 depression.)

* A reader sends in this story about Government 2.0. I’m trying to think of a joke about the first release having way too many bugs, but nothing sufficiently clever comes to mind. I set a high bar at Free Advice for political humor.

* This is so ludicrous. Steve Horwitz links to this story where Obama is urging workers to save more, and has even set up new rules to help. (He must have just read Nudge.) Ironically, a lot of the new rules seem to steer taxpayer money into Treasury bonds and the stock market. Go figure.

* Some comforting examples of where the stimulus money is going. It’s not just roads and bridges.

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