10 Sep 2009

Murphy on Kudlow Discussing Geithner

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I hadn’t put two and two together… It wasn’t until I was sitting in the chair with the mic in my ear that I realized I was going to be on Kudlow’s show. (It was probably all for the best, since the adrenaline would have been pumping even more had I known for two hours beforehand.) Anyway, I walked out of the studio feeling pretty good about the points I made. I was disappointed when I discovered I had said, “It’s glad to be here…” right out of the gate, but hey I just wanted to make sure you were listening.

Thanks so much to “Minnesota Chris” for posting this. It was actually ready by the time I got back to my computer and checked my email. These Austrian computer geeks are taking over!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention–and I’m not making this up–the camera man had to adjust the camera up a few notches when we were getting situated. The previous interviewee had been a lineman for the Tennessee Titans and apparently I was taller from the butt up. Yeah, what’s up.

UPDATE 2: BTW, in case anyone actually wants to hear what others had to say, here is the full Kudlow segment:

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