30 Sep 2009

Flu Vaccine Bask

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Once again I ask (not beg) Free Advice readers for their help: What are the best websites giving pro and con arguments for the H1N1 vaccine? I was on a plane recently next to a woman who oversaw emergency planning for hospitals in San Diego (I think), and she was telling me matter-of-factly that I should get my 4-year-old vaccinated. (We ended up getting into a dispute over the term “inoculation.” She was complaining that the government was wasting tons of money making all the hospital staff use one-shot ventilators when treating swine flu cases, and I asked, “If you guys have all been inoculated, why do you need the ventilators?” And she thought I was using the word incorrectly, that I had to use vaccinated instead. Thoughts?)

The problem–as my wife pointed out–is that most of the “go ahead and do it, there’s no real danger you moron” websites are all run by the government. On the other hand, there are some anti-vaccine things that I’ve seen which seem like they might care more about criticizing the government, than they do about my kid’s health.

UPDATE: By the way, unless you have actual medical qualifications, please don’t tell me what to do in the comments. I understand the general arguments pro and con, but like I said, I haven’t seen sources that I trust yet. So especially if you’re an anonymous commenter on my blog, your assertions aren’t going to make me have someone stick a needle in my kid’s arm (after taking him into a waiting room full of sick kids).

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