22 Sep 2009

Ari Gold, Based on Ari Emanuel

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In this post I quoted this sentence from (Michael Jordan’s agent) David Falk’s book:

The second person was Mark Dowley, who also worked for me at ProServ and went on to run the marketing department for a large Hollywood agency called Endeavor, which is run by my very good friend Ari Emanuel, the younger brother of Rahm, who is now a congressman from Illinois.

Apparently Ari Emanuel was the inspiration for Ari Gold, the epitome of a type-A personality in the HBO show Entourage. There are a bunch of great compilations of “Ari’s Best” on YouTube, but the following was the best I could find that was of manageable length. (The mismatch between video and audio is annoying at first, but you adjust pretty fast.)

Man those Emanuels must be something. (Read about the steak knife incident if you haven’t already heard of it.)

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