28 Aug 2009

The Scariest Paragraph I’ve Read in a While

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This is the first paragraph in a WSJ story–on page A4–from earlier this week:

WASHINGTON — The CIA lacked clear safeguards to prevent abuses in some instances in its network of secret prisons for terror suspects, and some interrogators had inadequate training and oversight, a long-withheld 2004 report found, according to current and former officials who have read the document.

So what does this single paragraph tell us?

(1) The CIA had at least one prison for terror suspects.

(2) The CIA had a network of prisons for terror suspects.

(3) The CIA had a SECRET network of prisons for terror suspects.

(4) The abuses in said network of secret prisons were so rampant that there was actually a report issued on the matter.

(5) The report on abuses in the CIA’s secret network of prisons has been suppressed for five years.

And Matt Yglesias says Hayek’s Road to Serfdom was a “nutty alarmist book.” Hey Yglesias, suppose we were on the road to serfdom? Isn’t this what it would feel like?

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