12 Aug 2009

The Forthcoming Lessons for the Young Economist, a High School Economics Course

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I am pleased to announce that the Mises Institute has officially given me the green light to start working on an economics course geared for the high school level. The main audience will be for homeschoolers, but the course materials will be “official” enough that any high school teacher with a friendly administration could adopt the course.

This will not be centered on Austrian economics per se, but rather economics in general. I will be guided by the notion that many of the students will get their one course in economics from this material. So I’m certainly not spending time on Average Total Cost curves. (The teacher’s edition will have advanced topics and also sections on mainstream textbook analysis, for the students who plan to take econ in college.)

I will give more updates as the project matures. We are very excited about the whole thing. I have been in consultation with a fellow grad from Hillsdale College, who now teaches history to junior high students. We will work together to ensure that Lessons for the Young Economist is appropriate for the target age.

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