19 Aug 2009


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* A review of Gene Callahan’s novel, Puck. Incidentally, I read Gene’s book and thought it was cool. But it’s a bit weird. (Basically, my opinion of Gene.)

* A scathing review of Transformers 2. My friend warned me off this (over the phone) when I was standing outside a movie theater during a recent business trip. Judging by the review (which takes the form of a FAQ), I made the right call. (Warning there are some naughty words.)

* I take on Krugman’s critique of high-frequency trading.

* A pretty funny critique of libertarianism (from a libertarian, I think) that involves Monty Python quotes. (HT2 MarginalRevolution) And yes, now that I re-read the sentence I just typed out, I realize why I didn’t date much in college.

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