27 Aug 2009

People Hate Fed More than IRS!

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Jeff Tucker passes along this story:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Americans think the Federal Reserve is doing a worse job than even the much-maligned Internal Revenue Service.

Only 30 percent of Americans think the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors is doing a good job despite the central bank’s unprecedented efforts to battle a crippling recession, according to a Gallup Poll released on Monday.

That makes the Fed the worst reviewed of nine key agencies — including the tax-collecting IRS — the Gallup poll of more than 1,000 Americans between July 10 and 12 showed. Twenty-two percent of Americans said the central bank was doing a poor job.

Wow, that’s pretty impressive if you poll worse than the IRS. And what’s funny is that the public is right: After all, it takes some effort for the IRS to steal your money. First of all they have to find out that you have it, and then they have to send you letters, make scary phone calls, freeze your bank account, contact your employer about garnishing wages, and finally they have to tap some scarce labor power by sending armed guys to your house.

In contrast, if Bernanke wants to steal half your wealth, all he has to do is press a few buttons.

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