25 Aug 2009

Libertarian, Free-Market Blog "MarginalRevolution" In Support of White House Torture

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Yeah, their argument is that given that the feds are going to torture people to prevent American deaths–and really, can any libertarian be for American deaths? isn’t it unlibertarian to blow up a building?–then it makes sense to allow trained professionals, under the direct supervision of the Cabinet, carry out the electroshocks, waterboarding, and mock child-execution. After all, if you’re going to torture people, you want it to be in the open, with Hillary Clinton watching. You don’t want some CIA goon doing it in a foreign country.

Ha ha, fooled you! Alex and Tyler would never advance such an argument. No, the closest you’ll ever see is that in back-to-back posts, they support government bailouts of banks and government provision of health insurance. Man those guys are hardcore. It’s great that we’ve got free marketeers in higher education, to combat the socialism being peddled in our elite universities.

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