07 Aug 2009

Glenn Greenwald the Most Dangerous Blogger in the World for Keith Olbermann

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Uh oh GG is stirring up more trouble. For months, Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly had been sniping at each other (on their respective shows). But then on June 1, Olbermann announced that he would no longer crack jokes about the creator of the No Spin Zone, because (he claimed) O’Reilly had endorsed the murder of Dr. Tiller and so it was no longer a joking matter.

Wow, isn’t that refreshing, to see someone drop the childish stunts when people start getting hurt?

Hmm, GG reported that Olbermann’s newfound civility was the result of an explicit deal cut between GE (which owns MSNBC) and News Corp (which owns Fox). The parent companies decided that a ceasefire would be better for business, all things considered. So they told their top “journalists” to stop poking into each other’s business.

Since it’s mostly liberals who read GG, Olbermann was in hot water. He explicitly denied on air that he had been a party to any deal. But oddly, he also confirmed that GG had reported accurately on the matter.

If you want objective measures, some prof emailed GG facts about the frequency of attacks by O’Reilly and Olbermann before and after the alleged deal. It’s posted as an update at the second link above.

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