07 Aug 2009

Glenn Beck Brigades Are Loose!

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This is so ridiculous. Paul Krugman has a post called “Rioting Against Health Care Reform.” I only watched the first 2:30 of this, but it hardly looks like a riot. If Krugman actually listened to Glenn Beck, he’d know that Beck’s fans like to quote the Federalist papers. I’m not saying Glenn Beck’s growing popularity is A-OK, I’m just saying the people in this video–I’m assuming this is the same town meeting that I heard people calling Beck about–are mad because union people were allowed into a back entrance to fill up the hall before the angry mob could storm the gates. Those people had a right to be furious.

(Again, I only watched to 2:30. If something awful happens afterward, then point it out and I’ll retract my criticism of Krugman.)

UPDATE: Just look at this sentence from Krugman: “By all accounts, many if not most of the rioters were elderly.”

He has to be kidding, right? I mean, go read the whole post, and you’ll see that no, it’s a serious Krugman statement.

But what I mean is, no one can possibly write the sentence quoted above, and actually take himself seriously.

Krugman has been kidding all along. He might not say it in those words, but he knows.

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