13 Jul 2009

Two Audio Suggestions

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* Here is my talk [.mp3] to Christ Presbyterian Church (in New Braunfels, TX). The topic was the Great Depression, then and now. I think this was the biggest crowd I have given a talk to, except for my high school graduation. There were more than 250 people at this thing, I believe. Also, hands down this was the best reaction I have received. People weren’t just saying, “Hey I liked your talk,” they were saying things like, “You are a great teacher. I have never heard economics explained like that before.” So anyway, if you haven’t yet listened to one of these things, this particular example is probably the best sample so far.

* Here is the link to listen to Scott Horton’s recent interview with Daniel Ellsberg, the guy who leaked the Pentagon Papers. (Ellsberg is also an accomplished game theorist.) Even though I read Ellsberg’s book Secrets, I had forgotten just how much the government lied about the Gulf of Tonkin and other matters regarding Vietnam. Also, if you do decide to follow the link and listen, pay attention near the end of the interview. I swear Ellsberg comes right up to saying, “The Vietnam hawks took out JFK,” but he stops just short. See if you agree.

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