29 Jul 2009

There’s No "I" in IER

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Lately we’ve had some pretty good stuff come out at the Institute for Energy Research (IER), if I do say so myself. And such horn-tooting isn’t as bad as it first seems, since the below were truly team efforts.

* In this press release we pointed out the irony of Joe Biden’s recent recommendations to Ukraine. (Hint: he wants them to cut government subsidies and to increase domestic natural gas production in order to bolster their national security.)

* In this blog post we underscored the significance of Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to India, where she was told that India was not going to sacrifice its economy to fighting climate change.

* Continuing the theme, in this press release the IER team collected a bunch of quotes showing that US officials seem to not be listening to Chinese and Indian officials, when they say in quite plain English (?) that they aren’t going to adopt caps on their carbon dioxide emissions. This is rather awkward, since the only sliver of a rationale left for the Waxman-Markey bill (which passed the House narrowly and still has to get through the Senate) is that US leadership will provoke other major countries to follow suit.

* Finally, here is a blog post giving the low down on the CFTC’s recent announcement that, “after further review,” it turns out speculators caused the oil price spike in 2008 after all. I guess science advances one election at a time.

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