21 Jul 2009

Potpourri Por Favor

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* A bunch of Ron Paul fans have been griping about this WSJ article on the Fed, and I assumed they were just being touchy. But seriously just read the first three paragraphs. That might as well have titled it, “Give me a B! Give me an E! Give me an N!…”

In case you don’t see the big deal, consider this excerpt:

“Rallying one charge is Ron Paul, an iconoclastic Texas Republican who wants to abolish the central bank entirely. Mr. Paul’s economic ideas sometimes make him the target of ridicule — in the new film “Bruno,” shock comedian Sacha Baron Cohen tries to seduce the startled congressman in a hidden-camera scene while discussing economic theory.

Still, Mr. Paul has persuaded nearly two-thirds of the House to co-sponsor a bill requiring far-reaching congressional audits of the Fed.”

So my question is, what the heck is that “Still” doing? Are these clowns really suggesting that other Congressmen shouldn’t have supported Ron Paul’s bill, since he suffered ridicule at the hands of a comedian? How about this, “President Barack Obama is meeting with fierce criticism, with some commentators–such as Ann Coulter–suggesting he remove his temple from his anus. Still, Obama enjoys strong support from the Congressional Black Caucus.”

* Von Pepe sends me this link of Bernanke explaining that he has no idea where the Fed’s $500,000,000,000 went, after he gave it to some other central bankers. And this is the guy who says he needs more oversight over the financial sector, to prevent systemic risks and such.

* At MasterResource I have another summary of the economics of climate change, and the relation to policy activism. Most of it is recycled (ha ha) but I dwell a bit more on how economic models deal with uncertainty, if you care.

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