07 Jul 2009


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In my weakened state, I can’t do full-blown blog analysis. I must opt for s list of links…

* “Lilburne” kicks a horse on its deathbed, but to good effect. There are some juicy Krugman (and Keynes) quotes in here, on the whole issue of “Did Paul Krugman actually suggest that Greenspan deliberately engineer a housing boom to save the economy?!”

* Gene Callahan takes on the anti-medieval canard that those dumb Christians believed the earth was flat. I’ve heard Gene (and others) explain this before, but Gene made a new point: “What’s really amazing is that this author [who believes the medieval Europeans lost the Greek knowledge that the earth was a sphere], if he had stopped to think about this for a moment, would have realized that the Copernican model of the solar system had to defeat… the Ptolemaic model, in which the earth was at the center of a series of concentric spheres.”

* I don’t get all this bank capitalization stuff. For example, Brad DeLong seems to be saying: (a) it won’t reduce bank equity if they buy back some of their preferred shares, but (b) it WILL reduce bank equity if they buy back some outstanding warrants on their stock. Is that right?

* I do my part to rekindle the Fairfax/Auburn feuding, here and here. (For those who don’t know, the Austro-libertarians at GMU often fight with the Austro-libertarians at the Mises Institute. Seriously, those guys are nuts! I can’t believe their views on the socialist calculation debate! Insane.)

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