04 Jul 2009

A Mission for Robert Wenzel

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Lately I have been trying to get inside the head of Ben Bernanke:

What’s Big Ben up to? If I’m really paranoid, I imagine that he’s rattling that huge upswing in the base, in order to get all the savvy investors loaded up on gold and inflation hedges. And then BAM Ben cuts the monetary base in half overnight, saying, “You guys said you wanted me to contain inflation. Make up your mind!”

But then I think, nah, the elites are already in a pretty sweet spot. I don’t think they will screw with people just for kicks. No, I think they realize this is their golden opportunity to really make out like bandits. Wow, in one week alone last year they managed to grab $700 billion, and it only took a few billion to pay off the Congressmen who needed prodding.

So, in order for us to anticipate the Fed and government’s moves, we need to imagine what we would do in a simulation involving all of their financial and military power, if we had the objective of increasing our wealth and power. Remember, you have to put aside all sympathy for your fellow man. If you could make a trillion dollars by causing the second Great Depression, you would do it. So, how would you do it? And could you really make a trillion dollars if you saw it coming?

This simulation involves more real-world knowledge of financial markets and more treacherous calculation than I can summon. There is one man up to the challenge: Robert Wenzel.

Help us RW, you’re our only hope.

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