02 Jun 2009

Skit Contest at EPJ

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Over at EPJ, Wenzel had one of his better moments of inspiration and noted that the names (Mr. Liesman, Mr. Bull, and Mr. Dollar) of three people related to Fed/Treasury intrigue recently, would lend itself to a great Abbott & Costello spoof. I got the ball rolling in the comments:

Geithner: I leaked the story to Liesman.

Bernanke: Wait a second, what did you just say?

Geithner: Liesman.

Bernanke: I know you told him lies, of course we agreed to tell bull.

Geithner: No, we gave Bull all the lies about China.

Bernanke: Huh? I thought that’s what Dollar was for!

I suggested that Wenzel offer $$ for the best skit, since it could garner him some hits if it really were funny. Thus Wenzel announced:

Anyone interested in submitting a skit based on the [humorous three names mentioned in the blog post], please forward it to me at my email address, rw@economicpolicyjournal.com. I will post the winner of the skit (Determined by me.) and split 50/50 all advertising revenue that comes to that post.

Wenzel keeps his cards close to the vest, but I think if the winner wrote a really hilarious piece, it would probably pull in a surprising amount of ad revenue.

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