29 Jun 2009

More Bluffing From Krugman

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This is great; sometimes I really just love the Internet. Paul Krugman shoots his mouth off about an Arrow article, and Bryan Caplan and then David R. Henderson spank him. Naughty Nobelist!

Such a public comeuppance is only possible with the Internet. I was pretty sure Krugman was bluffing about the Arrow paper, but I don’t think I ever actually read it. Yet now anyone he cares to investigate will see Krugman was bluffing.

What’s really funny is that I’m coming to realize just how much he bluffs. Whenever he touches an area that I know–such as the economics of climate change, or the Austrian business cycle theory, or the Herbert Hoover record–it jumps out at me how unfair Krugman is to his intellectual opponents, and how (seemingly willfully) misleading his arguments are.

But as I read others in their areas of expertise, I realize Krugman bluffs there, too. Please tell me he was at least really awesome in trade (where he got his “Nobel”).

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